Artist Spotlight: Lili Imboden


Andreea Bodea, News Editor

Metamorphosis (n): the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages. That is the standard definition provided by a dictionary, but for most, this words stands for change. Since this is a word that could have both positive and negative connotations associated to it, one can interpret the world and the painting in any way possible.

Senior Lili Imboden took on the complex theme of transformation and created an amazing India ink watercolor painting. To effectively show the process of metamorphosis, Imboden split the painting into three distinct parts which portrayed each of the phases. The story that is being told by this piece is one for Transcendentalists everywhere: we are one with nature. The veins in the first image — the one to the very left — are the stems of the two flowers in the picture on the far right. The middle painting is the most intriguing because it is in the midst of the metamorphic process — one can clearly see how the human hand is starting to turn into the two flowers. As one follows the progression of the human hand to flowers, one can notice how the two veins in the first image are crossed, and the stems of the flowers are crossed as well in the third painting. While this is a very small detail, it was a very effective choice that Imboden made in order to convey her message. Her piece truly shows the interconnectivity between humans and nature. We are all one.