Artist Spotlight: Claire Kelly


With global warming becoming an ever-increasing issue within the world, it is important to take a step back and notice the nature around you. Photography One students in Mrs. Naar’s class are encouraged to do just that; one of the beginning projects of the class was to take pictures regarding nature that incorporate some of the basic rules of photography, such as the rule of thirds, balancing elements, or leading lines. These basics are really meant to make sure that photos are not one-dimensional, but rather pull the viewer’s eyes from one area of a piece to another, making sure that technical skill is not lost in the process. The perfect photograph will not only incorporate one of these basic elements, but will have multiple aspects and layers — making it unique and visually appealing. One student from Mrs. Naar’s class that incorporated all of these elements in her photography project of the week is senior Claire Kelly.

All of Kelly’s photographs incorporate the idea of leading lines in some way, whether it’s the lines of the table, the lines created by the windows, or the sticks in the birdhouse. The clock is a good exemplar of the rule of thirds in action as it is a perfect fit for the composition of the picture; the clock in the glass casing is not exactly in the middle of the photo, but rather slightly off-centered, positioned on the lines categorized by the rule of thirds. This allows for the photograph to not be too one-dimensional, and provides the viewer with some more room to creatively interpret the piece. Although the strongest picture is the clock one, to make its message of ‘time being endless’ more effective, Kelly should try the photo in black and white The dark shadows will make give the viewer a tense feeling. The same thing should be done for the bird house, as that will empathize the lonely feeling of the work — what Kelly was truly trying to convey in this particular piece.

The 2017 Photo One students are doing an amazing job this year with their photography. The class is truly meant to teach the basics and help build the skill level of a student’s picture-taking repertoire. The introductory project was a hit among many, and there was great, healthy competition between the students to take the most wondrous photographs possible. Kelly was one of many students to succeed at this assignment, and conveyed her love and passion for art in the process, earning her this art spotlight of the week.