Broke and Bougie: Handling Homecoming on a Budget


Meagan O'Hara

Photo by Meagan O’Hara

Claire Kelly, A&E Editor

NEVER Pay Full Price

Now alright, I get it. There’s always gonna be that trend that you feel like you can’t say no to, even if it requires an expensive purchase. If you can’t turn away, don’t buy from the first place you find it! Take a deep breath, push off the tendency to be Smeagol from Lord of the Rings (if you don’t know who that is, look it up). Go online, and cross reference; there’s always a rock bottom price hiding somewhere on the Internet. The Internet is a beautiful place with dirt prices and cute clothes everywhere. My recommendations: Amazon, WantMyLook (the sale section), and Dry Goods.

Use Apps That Give You Discounts

RetailMeNot is an awesome app that gives you 15% off for just existing, and obviously Groupon is always good ol’ reliable for crazy deals. Or consider Decide, which is amazing and it lets you price watch an item until it gets to a reasonable number. More apps: RedLazer, SnipSnap.

CreateAn Alternate Identity

Sort of. Use your shopping expertise to find some cheap makeup and transform your appearance, if you’re so inclined (if not, that is perfectly fine and you are beautiful just the way you are). Colourpop, the best site for cheap quality makeup, takes off $5 automatically from your first order when you sign up with your email. Technically, I’m like five different people right now. BH cosmetics is also a reasonable alternative to expensive boutiques like Sephora.

Don’t Be Afraid of Resale Shops

If your first instinct to used clothes is “eww,” then I’m sorry but you’re a wuss. We have washing machines for a reason, people. One of my friends bought a North Face jacket for five dollars in perfect condition from Salvation Army, and to me that’s why resale shops are where miracles happen everyday. Places to visit: Shabby Chic Consignment, Ann Arbor Thrift Shop, Moran’s Consignment.