Carter Trinkle: Wrestling From The Beginning


Going for the win! Carter Trinkle is wrestling his opponent to the mat on Chelsea’s senior night.

At four years old, Carter Trinkle had just started his wrestling career. Now in 2023, Trinkle is a senior at Chelsea High School and is taking time to enjoy the tail end of his high school wrestling career. 

When Trinkle first started getting into wrestling, he looked to his older brother, who had been wrestling for a while, for inspiration. 

“I always looked up to my older brother and I wanted to be more like him,” Trinkle said. “He inspired me to become a wrestler.”

Since then, Trinkle has continued to wrestle and now, in this 2022-2023 season, Trinkle is at a 25-6 record with only two weeks left. Trinkle has nine pins, 23 reversals, and 32 takedowns. His biggest accomplishment was winning one tournament individually and four team tournaments, going 5-0. 

When it came to struggles that Trinkle has faced during his season, there are a few that came to mind.

“Practices are one of the hardest parts of wrestling,” Trinkle admitted. “If not practice being hard, it has to be making weight or cutting weight in a matter of time.”

Despite the difficulties, Trinkle has made many great memories throughout the season. Trinkle’s overall favorite part about wrestling is going to tournaments on Saturdays and hanging out with the team.