Starting High School, Starting Five: Buck Allen


And-One! Allen steps up to the line to rack up extra points for the Bulldogs.

“Buck Allen” isn’t just a name that teachers call when taking attendance. It’s a name that is announced to the Chelsea High School gymnasium when he scores, seen on your Instagram feed when he posts a new highlight, or at the top of the game recaps on Twitter about Bulldog basketball. 

The freshman point guard, Buck Allen (‘26) on the Chelsea JV Boys Basketball team leads the team in scoring. Allen’s performances include 37 points against Saline, 27 points against Ypsilanti, and his successes date back to elementary school. 

“I’ve been playing basketball since the third grade,” Allen said, “I love scoring and hanging out with the team. It’s a great feeling when I’m out there on the court.” 

Finding joy in the sport he plays is crucial, but staying motivated during tough days or losses is even more important. 

“You just have to keep going,” Allen said. “My team helps motivate me a lot. We have a great relationship with each other.”

With wanting to improve every day, and eventually play at a higher level, Allen has learned that perseverance is key when pushing yourself to become better. 

“Never stop,” Allen encouraged. “Never stop putting the work in. I find role models in other high school players and Steph Curry is also a big role model for me.”

Even with having the highest stats on the team, Allen is always a team player and finds inspiration in his teammates and other players. He’s always finding the open pass, cheering on his team while on the bench, and making connections with them off the court. 

With the team being made up of the majority of the sophomore class, Allen is one of the two freshman players on the team. 

“I enjoy getting to have connections to other classes of players and have older people to look up to on my team,” Allen said.

The Bulldogs are getting further into their season and it has been full of ups and downs. Despite the tough losses in between, Allen and the Bulldogs have risen above tough opponents. 

“Our game against Saline is the highlight of the season so far,” Allen recapped. “We all played so great as a team and I got 37 points that game.”

No matter the level, or opponent, the stats Allen displays are impressive, and having a supportive and reliable team under him helps him reach his goals.