Heart to Heart: CHS Students Thoughts on the Day of Feelings


Trilian Krug stares up at a massive Valentines day balloon.

Valentine’s Day. The day of love. But also a day not everyone loves. Every student at Chelsea High School has a different look on Valentine’s Day and what it means to them.

“I think it’s beneficial for the people who feel something more than just friendships,” junior Keegan Van Batavia said. “Personally, I don’t feel anything like that. I kind of just focus on myself, like trying to succeed beyond high school because I think high school relationships don’t really last all that long.”

Everyone has different priorities on this Valentine’s Day, some like Van Batavia, who cares very little about the whole ordeal, and others who put their best efforts into making this day special. Holidays are all about traditions, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. 

“I go up in a hot air balloon that’s shaped like a heart,” junior Eva Brenner said. “And I jump off, usually I wear a full suit that has little hearts on it. It’s pretty cute. And as I’m falling I, you know, I sing that one song? It’s by that one guy, the one about love. Well, I’m falling and I land into a lake. Perfect landing. I do two flips before I land. I start swimming out, the suits not even wet. It’s waterproof, you know.”

Well, of course, the suit would be waterproof, it’s the only logical option when it comes to the detailed, heavily thought-out planning Brenner possesses. Not everyone has a hot air balloon or the skill it takes to do backflips while singing but that’s ok! Valentine’s Day in lots of students’ opinions is about the people you spend it with. Junior Nathan Doyle had plans to spend time with friends bowling to celebrate his birthday. 

“I rock with Valentine’s Day,” Doyle said. “It’s the day after my birthday.”

While some students are indifferent and some are in love with the holiday, there are students like junior Harper Williams who dislike the red and pink festivities and see evil corporate exploitation within those crunchy heart candies.

“I think that as a single person,” Williams said. “Valentine’s Day is overrated. I just think that it amplifies my loneliness. It’s also commercialized, and corporations are just using it to sell stuff.”

Even if we can’t all agree on Valentine’s Day, almost everyone at Chelsea can get along and enjoy the holiday, the cards, and the toothaches all the candy brings.