Double Vision: Nathan Sobiechowski


Huddling up with his teammates, Nathan Sobiechowski (‘26) discusses what’s the next step to give the team a victory.

Hockey has always been important to freshmen Nathan Sobiechowski. Currently playing on the Chelsea hockey varsity team, Sobiechowski enjoys the opportunity to play his favorite sport at a higher level but feels as if he still has room for improvement.

“I want to improve the chemistry on the hockey team,” Sobiechowski said.

Now that a lot of senior players left after graduation, the Chelsea Bulldogs have to relearn to work together as a team and adjust to new players in new positions. 

Aside from improving the team’s chemistry, Sobiechowski’s overall ambition for the season is “to try to get a state title,” but he has high ambitions for himself on top of his ambitions for the team. 

“I want to apply for good colleges,” Sobiechowski stated. “I want to get a scholarship to a college and play there, and see where that goes.”

Hoping to keep pursuing a career in the sport he loves, Sobiechowski is dedicated to playing at his best so that one day he can be recognized by colleges and continue to the higher level. 

However, with college still being far down the road, Sobiechowski is directing his focus to the here and now. 

His advice to aspiring high school hockey players, and the guideline he’s trying to follow himself, is “to have the intensity and drive to keep improving, and have the right mentality.”