CHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team Keeps Delivering Success


Hands up. The team holds up threes in support of their teammate that drained one from the outside.

After a successful season with only a single loss, the Chelsea boys varsity basketball has delivered yet another incredible game against Adrian, leaving the student section cheering at the top of their lungs.

“Personally, I [felt] really good about the game,” Braden Watson (‘23) said. “I think the win is an important one since it’s a league game.” 

With high scorers like Joey Cabana (‘24) and Jake Stephens (‘24), the team played strong and ended the fourth quarter with a final score of 82-43. 

Players such as Matt Blanton (‘23) and Mattew “G” Geitzen (‘23) also had their time to shine as well. Blanton was able to slam down a dunk while Getizen was able to drain two deep threes when he went into the game. Both moments had the whole student section screaming as they cheered the Bulldogs on. 

From start to finish, the team held a steady high score and performed excellent defense with good confidence. Since the team is so close, even outside of the court, the team has incredible teamwork. 

“We are all friends outside of the game,” Watson said. “That makes it easier for all of us to get along and perform well.” 

Along with the success on the court, the team puts a lot of effort into their practices. Preparation before game day is the key to success and something the team values greatly. Many hours of practice and studying film from previous games make the team stronger and the players that much tougher. 

“We were well prepared for this game,” Watson stated. “We practiced hard and spent much time studying strategies that could be beneficial.” 

Standing by the lines is newly hired coach Andrea Cabana cheering on the team, encouraging them to take one extra step. The switch of coaches has definitely been beneficial for the team. 

“Our coach is a big part,” Watson said. “She shows us the things we need to work on and get better at and helps us become better players.”