Could They Sound Any Worse?


At 7:54 a.m., the school hallways are filled with chatter and students bubbling with excitement over the endless possibilities that the new day will bring. You walk with excitement towards your locker to put your backpack away and grab the books you’ll need for your first hour. The sudden shrill of microphone feedback pierces your eardrum. It’s time for your first hour, physics. Wonderful!

As you hand in your physics quiz, you are 100% sure that you have aced it! You studied for only an hour last night and understood the concept with perfect clarity. You then are suddenly smacked in the face with the toll of a squeaky wheel reverberating in your head. A breath of fresh air enters your lungs, it’s time for your second hour, Delightful!

When you have finished presenting a group project and the pure serenity of a stunned audience fills the room, you are violently thwacked in the ear with the marvelous noise of a knife scraping against a glass bottle. As your ears bleed, any and all remaining stress you may have had from the day suddenly dissipates as you know it is time for your Gordon Ramsey-level school-provided lunch. 

While walking through the hallways on your way to class: the instantaneous tintinnabulation of a dental drill promptly belabors you in the cranium. You promptly say “Good day!” to the friends you were walking with and scurry off to your next educational adventure!

The daily proclamations are then read to each classroom by the local town crier.   

As you prepare the single folder you have that contains the minimal amount of homework you were graciously gifted by your tender-hearted educators an unanticipated grand piano plummets from the loud-speaker and crushes your skull. You then gracefully trot off to your last class of the day after ripping your eardrums out. 

You are packing up your lightweight backpack when an anvil descends from the heavens and topples onto your head. You are sad to see that the school day is over and you have to retreat to your home. However, you know that tomorrow brings a new day and a lovely array of sounds.