The Season Starts Now: Indoor Track


Indoor track and gym at Chelsea high school where different sports prepare for the start of their seasons.

No matter if it’s inside, outside, or even in the heat, the Chelsea track team will always find a way to start practice. Mostly known for starting the season off strong in the spring, the track team begins indoor practice as soon as the second trimester begins. 

Winter sports can have anyone tied up, and although many who participate in the spring track season will be going to winter practices, you may not see everyone during the winter season. Even if not mandatory, track coaches still look for people to try out. 

“It’s strongly encouraged because you want to perform better as an individual and as a team,” runner Mireille Hunter (‘26) said.

Practice time for many athletes doesn’t affect them at all. Practice only lasts an hour after school, leaving students plenty of time to get their schoolwork or other activities done.

“You go home and you have the mindset of ‘I can just finish my homework,’” Hunter said. “You feel motivated after practice.”

While a few members who do winter sports won’t attend winter running, many runners decide it is better to take the time and opportunity to go. 

“It helps prepare our speed and stamina because we do many different workouts of different lengths,” Laney Smith (‘23) said. “It also helps the team get closer together and bond over a long period of time.”

The track team is one of the few indoor sports in school that provides wintertime practice for its members. Other sports also have this option and use their practice time to ensure their team dynamic is the best it can be and that they are ready for their season, just like the track team.

“It is a great way to improve sports overall for their season,” Smith said. “It helps you keep in shape and with technique.”