Always Been Blanton


Matt Blanton (‘23) taking a shot on the 3 point line at Northwest

Senior basketball player, Matt Blanton, is off to a great start this season. A starter on varsity, Blanton plays the shooting guard and wing position for the Chelsea Bulldogs. Blanton has always worked hard and been serious about his sport since middle school. 

Since then, he has continued to work even harder under a new coach who was added to the program this year. Boys basketball coach Andrea Cabana has been doing a great job keeping the boys on track for a successful season. 

“I like the new coach this year, I like her style of coaching, how she uses all of her players, and how positive she is,” Blanton stated. 

There are a lot of sports out there but basketball is Blanton’s favorite and “always has been.” Aside from his love for basketball, or maybe because of it, Blanton also has a large shoe collection. 

“For the past three years I’ve been wearing the Kyrie 3’s,” Blanton said about his favorite pair in his collection. 

Blanton plans to keep pursuing his basketball career in college and take off strong at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio. 

As for the team overall, they are strong and act as one, like a family. They look to improve at every game and hope to end the season as strong as they started. 

“[…] we are off to a good start, everyone is contributing, having good strengths, and improving every single game,” Blanton said.