Club Spotlight: Ping Pong Club


Are you a big fan of Ping Pong? Do you want a fun environment where you can play with your friends and peers? If so, Ping Pong Club is the place for you. Ping Pong Club meets after school on Tuesdays until around 5 p.m. and is run by Peter Mourad (‘23) and advised by Phillip Sylvester.

“It’s a club where we just play and hang out, sometimes we’ll have tournaments with the bracket on the board,” Mourad said.

Tournaments often happen at the meetings, where brackets will be drawn on the board and contestants will play matches in a tournament style until the winner is decided. 

“My freshman year, me and Jack Krugh would always battle in the finals, and everyone would watch and we might record it,” Mourad said.

Along with tournaments, the Ping Pong Club also plays “Around the World”–a game where all players rotate around the table and take turns hitting the ping pong ball. If a player misses the ball or the table, they are out. The game eventually loses all of its players until the remaining two players have to complete a special challenge while playing, usually until one player scores a point. 

From fun games to friendly competition, Mourad has always had a special connection with Ping Pong and has been playing it for a very long time, creating memories with friends and family along the way. 

“I’ve been playing Ping Pong since I was seven, my dad taught me when I was really young,” Mourad said.

Currently, the club is a good size, and even though they lost a lot of seniors last year, they still retain around ten to fifteen members this year. The size of the club makes it so the number of tables and paddles is sufficient and that there are still enough participants for the games and tournaments. 

“I’m glad we have a really fun place to chill, and I’m very happy for the people who made this possible, such as my advisor, Mr. Sylvester,” Mourad said. “Come on out and try it, it’s a blast and a really good atmosphere.”