Bulldogs Off the Clock


Photo credit: PickPik

Being a high schooler is a full-time job and as many Chelsea students know, there isn’t a lot of free time, especially for those who are involved in extracurricular activities. Because of this, students like to take advantage of the time they set aside to spend doing things they enjoy. 

For some, their free time is simply spent preparing for the next day of school. 

“I don’t have a lot of free time,” Josie Jackson (25’) said. “I usually spend it getting ready for school the next day.” 

For others, their spare time is spent focusing on enjoyable hobbies. 

“I like to walk my dog and listen to music,” Hayley Hopkins (25’) said. “I think it’s relaxing.” 

Often, students’ extracurricular activities can be so taxing that it’s easy to get burnt out so, in some students’ free time, they take a breather.

“I usually sleep in my free time,” Sydney Barston (25’) said. “I’m on the swim team, so when I do have free time, I’m too exhausted to do anything other than sleep.” 

Most students take time to relax in their downtime due to the packed schedules of their daily lives. 

“In my free time, I usually nap,” Lexi Summer (26’) said. “My schedule is usually pretty busy.” 

Most CHS students have little to no free time as a result of extracurriculars on top of a seven-hour school day. 

“I don’t really have much free time typically,” Ellie Kuck (25’) said. “This is usually because of my sport and the practices, games, and tournaments it includes.” 

Students try to take advantage of the spare time they have to relax and reset themselves for the following day. 

“Everyday I eat dinner with my family,” Kuck said. “That’s how I unwind and take a breath.”