Bulldog of the Week: Amelia Hallsell


Senior Amelia Hallsell first fell in love with music as a child watching old concerts and listening to music at any chance she could. Music is a large part of who she is and has been a major motivator while getting through high school and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Music concerts are my happy place,” Hallsell said. “I just love listening to music and seeing people perform.”

Since early childhood, Hallsell has been involved in the arts in her free time and at school, taking both art and music classes. 

“My favorite things to do in my free time are painting and drawing especially with watercolors, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends,” Hallsell said. “I [also] play the violin in the Orchestra and a couple of other instruments outside of school. I’ve played the guitar for four years and the ukulele for five.”

As a senior, Hallsell is preparing for college and what lies ahead for her. This year is very bittersweet for many seniors, but especially those like Hallsell who are involved in the numerous programs offered at CHS. 

“I think if I go to EMU, I might play in the orchestra there,” Hallsell said. “[But] I know that I’m gonna miss playing in the orchestra here at CHS.”

Music is an important staple for Hallsell in high school. She has been involved with the amazing music programs at CHS since she can remember and is proud to be a performer.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life ever since I was born,” Hallsell said. “Music is all I’ve really known.”