Under the Lights: Featuring Braiden Scheffler


Sophomore Braiden Scheffler dribbles the field hockey ball across the field.

Running as fast as she can, eyes down on the ball as she passes through defenders, bright lights shining, fans cheering, she shoots, she scores. Braiden Scheffler (‘25) scored the first goal of her sophomore season in Chelsea Field Hockey’s home opener. This was only the beginning of the amazing season ahead of her.

Scheffler has been playing field hockey ever since she moved to Chelsea in the fifth grade.

“I started field hockey just for fun, playing with my new friends,” Scheffler said. “I didn’t realize it would have this much of an impact on my life.”

Scheffler has played for multiple different travel teams and is currently playing on a team out of Ann Arbor called Fer de Lance.

Scheffler has big dreams and hopes one day to achieve them. She wants to play field hockey at the collegiate level. Her current travel team is a stepping stone to reaching this goal.

“I want to play field hockey in college,” Scheffler said. “I think that if I work hard and set my mind to it, I can achieve my goal and play at a high level.”

Not only is she a crucial part of the field hockey team, but she also plays on the varsity girls basketball team and the softball team.

“My dad got me into sports from a very young age,” Scheffler said. “He’s always been hard on me, but I think he sees my potential and wants me to excel in everything I do.”

Scheffler has always been held to high expectations, especially in sports. Coming from a family of athletes has been tough, but Scheffler uses it to her advantage, leaning on the support that surrounds her.

“I look up to my dad a lot,” Scheffler said. “He has taught me a lot on how to face adversity and is my biggest motivator when it comes to sports.”

Scheffler’s father has always pushed her to be the best she can be in all of her sports, not just basketball. However, Scheffler doesn’t just have her dad supporting her; she is also the oldest sibling of five.

“My siblings support me in everything,” Scheffler said. “So I try my best to be a great role model for them.”

Being an underclassman who plays such a big role on the team can sometimes be overwhelming, but Scheffler handles it with ease. She never fails to produce results and does it with a great attitude.

“Being a younger player on the team hasn’t always been easy,” Scheffler said. “Maintaining a good mindset always helps though.”