Is Halloween the Best? Students Share Favorite Holidays


It’s October and Halloween is coming up. Halloween is a special holiday for kids to dress up in costumes and run around town collecting candy from neighbors with friends and family. However, Halloween isn’t only for children but can be fun for people of all ages. For example, Halloween parties can be thrown, haunted houses can give you a scare, and even seasonal decorating can be exciting.

“I love Halloween. I like dressing up because you can be anybody you want for a whole day,” senior Sami Nye said. “My birthday is the day after Halloween, so I have always loved it. Not to mention my love for pumpkins.” 

When you ask a CHS student if they like Halloween, the majority of them will say yes. Now if you ask them if Halloween is the best holiday, that’s a different answer entirely.

“Personally I think Christmas is better than Halloween because of the spirit and joy that Christmas brings everyone,” junior Katie Naebeck said. “Many families come together more and bring back old traditions, creating a better family bond. Halloween may not have that same effect on every family. Halloween doesn’t have as much tradition, spirit, etc.” 

Although Halloween is a fun-filled holiday, many students believe it to not have some essential qualities like a nationwide celebration, family traditions, and other essential elements of “the best holiday”.

“Halloween to me is not the best holiday,” junior Elle Dunahoo said. “It is definitely a good holiday but I don’t think anything can top Christmas, I feel like Christmas just brings everyone so much closer together.” 

Despite Halloween not being the best holiday, people still splurge and enjoy the holiday to its fullest. 

“I like Halloween, I think it’s pretty fun,” junior Olivia Files said. “My favorite candy from Halloween night has always been KitKats. I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, and seasonal drinks, they’re all a major part of Halloween in my eyes.”