Project Geometry Takes Off


Project Geometry is a new class that has been added to Chelsea High School this 2022-2023 school year. It is run by Karen Kurcz, one of the CHS math teachers. 

“[Project Geometry] is an extension of the regular geometry class, where we are kind of pressed for time, and don’t get a chance to do the projects that would be wonderful to get a chance to do in geometry,” Kurcz said.

Whether it’s art, building, or even seeing things in a different light, this class consists of all different types of projects that involve some aspect of geometry. 

Kurcz has a couple of field trips planned for this class that will give her students an opportunity to see geometry in the real world. The main one was a day trip to Chicago. On Thursday, October 13, Kurcz and her Project Geometry students took a trip to Chicago, experiencing the food by eating at Ed Debevic’s which was followed up by some sightseeing at The Bean, Chicago Illusion Museum, and an Architectural Boat Tour. 

Kurcz also has some other in-state field trips planned. On November 7, Kurcz and her class will be visiting a couple of local industries in Chelsea, where they use lots of geometry in their work. These local industries include Hatch Stamping and Chelsea Plank Flooring. 

Kurcz drew her inspiration for Project Geometry from her passion for the subject, calling it her very own “Passion Project” and planning to continue the class into the future.

“I’m hoping [that] this year, it kind of catches on,” Kurcz said. “I’m trying to make it the best I can, even though it’s new and hard to develop and design.”

Kurcz believes that if she keeps tweaking the class, it will get better over time, and hopes that her students will take what they learn in Project Geometry and use them in their adult life.

“I hope after someone takes this class, they notice more about the geometry in the world around them,” Kurcz said. “They’ll be more familiar with geometric aspects of things, and you know, hopefully there’s some usefulness later.”