Bulldog Spotlight: Charlize Booker


It’s not the easiest being the leader, voice, and face of the Chelsea Bulldog Football team. When it comes to supporting the largest community sport, the cheer team has the bulldogs back, cheering to support the team and pump up the crowd.

There is a lot of responsibility taking on such a heavy role as Charlize Booker (‘22), a senior member of the team, reveals it isn’t as perfect as it may seem, and all cheer gals have doubts throughout the season.

“I have been cheering for three years now, but there were times I had doubts,” Booker said. “I cheered when I was really young–when I went to Manchester–but I got out of it, however Hailee Hawkins talked me back into it.”

Although there are personal doubts within all athletes and sometimes the going gets tough, Charlize and the rest of the cheerleading squad have had a lot of great accomplishments in and out of the season for football and competitive cheer.

“Comps are always the best, and the adrenaline rush waiting for our team score keeps us excited and on our toes,” Booker said.

For anyone struggling with getting into cheerleading or who don’t have the confidence to begin, Booker says it’s a lot scarier when you’re just starting–learning all the choreography and cheers–than it is during the season.

“Don’t be so scared to be yourself,” Booker said. “[Cheer] is supposed to be something that you find joy/happiness in. The environment definitely puts a role into your cheerleading career path, and if you’re with an amazing group of people, it’ll definitely make your time a lot more enjoyable.”