Dream Light


Every night

I dreamed a dream

Every night

I wished a wish


through my curtains

There was a sliver of light

The curtains

Keeping my room dark


my pain unseen

The light

Like hope

Dawning on my dreams


I had dreamed of thing I had heard of

I dreamed of thing I had once seen


through the sliver of light

Between the current

My dream where something that could hardly be seen


My dreams They were things I heard off

But never felt


Disappointment was an expression my face knew all too well


I never felt a smile that was meant to show joy


I lived behind the glass of a dim window

Where only a glimpse of light could be seen

My needs not met

My feelings not heard


All I could do was hold on to my dream

my dreams where a precious thing

All our dreams

All our hopes

All our wishes




come from something

Buried deep they all have a meaning

it’s not something we need

A dream is something we deserve


Our dreams are Embedded In our very being


Wishing for superficial things

Means nothing

there will always be something else

To want

Or to need


Every night I dreamed

I dreamed of scary things

Every night when I awoke from my dreams


I would pray a pair

I would wish a wish


Threw the space between my curtains

I could see the light

I’d  would wish for it to never fade

And the light was there


my dreams died

I felt hope no more


My dreams would make me scared


My only wish was to stay awake

I wished to escape this hellscape


Threw that current my wish came true

I wished to be free

I temporarily escaped my own misery

Just to have more scary dream


I wished to see beauty

I saw the beauty in those around me

But never did I see the beauty in me

I felt envy

knowing they were things I could never be


the light that still shined through my window

Hit the mirror letting me see the true beauty in me


I spent many days and many nights

Dreaming of love

Something so translucent

So clean

I dreamed of the love that I had seen

I wondered why that couldn’t be me


looking threw the to tinted  light of my window

my view on life change


I saw things differently


If they wanted me

Then what they was wanted I would be

Just another thing for them to keep

I still wished for love

Still not knowing the  feeling


you came to me


Not only did you love me

I began to love me as well

You where something I had never seen

You where something I had never dreamed of

You where nothing


You were my everything


You where something that lived only in my dreams

Only in my deepest wishes did you belong with me


A wish is something we deserve


Dreams are Not something we need


I deserve to have you with me


I deserve to let you love me

all my dreams are met


I wished for love and I got you


I have dreams for you and me


My wish my dream is for us to have everything

I wish you knew how much I love you

And the happiness you bring me


With my wishes all complete


I hope there’s nothing but you and me

And the light between my certain

Shining bright

Letting me know it’s okay to

Dream a dream

Wish a wish

Not only for the things We want

For the things we need

I deserve to dreams


Even when there’s nothing

Our dreams are everything