Athlete Spotlight: Trent Hill


Trent Hill (‘22) is a student athlete at CHS who is currently on the football and baseball teams.

“I play football and baseball for Chelsea currently,” Hill said. “I’ve also played soccer, basketball, track, and swimming.”

Trent considers himself to mainly be a football and baseball player.

“Football is for sure my favorite sport, arguably the [sport] I’m the best in.” Hill said.

This season, he achieved some of his goals and is Chelsea’s starting running back and safety on the football field.

“I play running back and free safety,” Hill said. “I’ve just grown up always watching football and being around it. I just had a love for the game from a young age.”

Hill says all his success is due to hard work and dedication.

“I definitely have a natural God given talent for sure, but a big part is also the hard work and time and dedication I put into the sport,” Hill said.  “Also my brother [has helped me], just because he’s been to so many places I’ve wanted to be, and he’s always been there to help me out and push me when I needed it.”