A Glimpse into Art Club


Art teacher Claire Popovich runs the CHS Art club every Tuesday afterschool for students who enjoy art and want to meet other like-minded students.

“Art club is an after school gathering of artists and creative people who want to get to know other artists and creative people, hang out, make art, learn new processes of art and creativity,” Popovich said. “It’s just a place to be yourself and be a fun artist.”

Art club meets every Tuesday after school till 4:00 in the art room, room number 508. Since the club goes on all year long, they do many different activities throughout the year.

“I’m definitely going to survey people, but the initial thought I had for activities in October is that we’re gonna learn how to professionally carve pumpkins,” Popovich said. “Also, I thought knitting hats would be a really wonderful fundraiser or community service project so we may learn how to knit so we can knit hats to donate to different causes during the winter.”

Students can join the art club to meet other students who enjoy art or want to learn things outside the art curriculum.

“It was something I wanted in high school and it didn’t exist,” Popovich said. “I thought it would be cool to offer because I would have loved having opportunities to learn things that weren’t part of the standard curriculum.”

Many students who come to the CHS art club just hang out with their friends, work on their art pieces, or learn how to do new things.

“If you like to draw and learn new techniques, this is a really good place to do it, probably better than most classes,” art student Page Cooke (‘24) said.

Art club is a great place to try new things you never thought to try before and to gain experience with different forms of art.

“You don’t need to be in an art class to come to art club, and if you are an active member of art club you are able to do all those awesome activities and have a say in what you would like to learn,” Popovich said. “But otherwise, just come hang out and have fun!”