A Look into Journalism Class


The Journalism class offered at CHS plays a much bigger part into the Bleu Print than is often acknowledged. Whether reading online or in the print edition, many of the articles are written by students in the class.

During the school year, the class works to make articles that reach the standards of good journalism.

“We practice good journalism,” Editor Lane Whittaker (‘22) said. “Sharing nothing but facts, the truth, and getting information that people may not know out and about for everybody to see.”

The Journalism class teaches students proper journalism skills and the rights students have as journalists for a school newspaper. This ensures that students know what they are doing before they are let loose to write stories and conduct interviews.

“We spend the first few weeks of the class getting familiar with journalistic style, ethics, student media rights, etc,” advisor and teacher Adam Schilt said. “I would say about three weeks into the class is really when we get into the writing, and start actually working in departments.”

Unlike most classes, Journalism is a little more student-led. Students can choose what they want to write about as long as it stays within the parameters of their assigned department. Students’ articles are then turned into student editors who ensure the quality of the writing.

“My job is assigning stories to all the members in my department, and then when the stories come in I go through and edit them,” editor Kailyn Porter (‘23) said.

Journalism gives students an opportunity to find a new passion that they can  turn into a future career. It also provides a more free learning environment for students who feel trapped in their classes.

“It’s just a chance to learn a lot about your school and your community, and sometimes even your nation and your world,” Schilt said.