Chelsea Excellence Awards 2021

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Please take a few moments to vote for a nominee from your class that lives out the values of Chelsea High School’s Portrait of a Graduate. Remember, this is not a contest of “who’s best at academics” or a “who’s the most popular.” This is a chance to honor someone from your class who exemplifies what it means to be a Bulldog.

FRESHMAN LINK (Class of ’25)

SOPHOMORE LINK (Class of ’24)

JUNIOR LINK (Class of ’23)

SENIOR LINK (Class of ’22)

9th Grade

Luke Mourad

Zak Sing

Teresa Smith

Emily White

10th Grade

Gabriella Basar

Cyprus Gabriel-Menegay

Trilian Krug

Leila Wells

11th Grade

Megan Boughton

Lucas Dawson

Lia Spink

Florian Ziolkowski

12th Grade

Claire Bowers

Kate Gaiser

Lily June

Elena Nestale