Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984


If you like movies that make you question what you want in life, make you wonder, or even change your perspective on things, then Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 is the movie for you. 

The movie takes place around the time of the Cold War but with a twist to it. The film follows Diana, also known as Wonder Woman, who wants to live the mortal-based life she always wanted. But as Diana and her past love Steve go up against Max Lord and the so-called “Cheetah” to save the world, they face difficulties and must make choices for themselves and their people to save their country. 

This movie educates the viewers on events that have happened in the world. It taught me to think about the life I have and be more appreciative of the things I can achieve. Although it only got a 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.5/10 rating on IMDb for being “cliché,” I found this movie to be interesting and eye-opening. I recommend this movie to people who enjoy questioning their wants, needs, and purpose in life.