Media Center Renovations Coming Summer 2021


Chelsea High School plans on doing some renovations to the media center this summer.

The two greatest changes they are making are being held at the perimeter walls. The changes will be to add a flex learning area, also known as the “tech bar,” and a small group learning area.

“Small group learning areas enclosed by glass panels that swing open allow connection to the larger space, but still allow for the small group feel,” Librarian Shannon Krug said. “These areas will have erasable marker boards and tack boards.”

The remaining space will receive additions well. One of these additions is keeping physical books and providing new book stacks and signage.

“Laptop tables will be provided that can be pulled up to any seating area, and they also double as additional seating.” Krug said. “This will be useful if tables are taken up and a student needs to access one.”

Although there are many things being added to the media center, one thing that isn’t being changed is the circulation desk and the printer for students to use.

Other additions include a few over-sized chairs with pull-up laptop tables under the existing soffit zone, a pre-function area with a search computer on a mobile kiosk at the entrance, a high table and stools, and a large monitor for announcements.