Athlete Spotlight: Talena Roberson


Talena Roberson (‘21) is finishing up her last year at CHS as a part of the equestrian team and Chelsea cheerleading.

Roberson got her first horse when she was five years old. She has been riding for around 15 years and was trained in English riding. She later taught herself western riding and gymkhana, which is running your horse around an obstacle or a relay. The goal of gymkhana is to look good and go fast while doing the event as accurately as possible.

Over the years, Roberson has used her own horses as well as leased others. She has one horse at the moment named Malibu May, also known as Malley. Talena trained Malley to be a show horse as well as a speed horse

“She was untrained, and I wanted a challenge,” Roberson said. “The relationship Malley and I have is one of a kind.”  

As a rider, not everything you learn is taught to you from the start.

“One thing I wish I knew when I started riding and showing is that not everyone wants you to succeed,” Roberson said. “There is a lot of competition in the horse world.”

Riding and controlling a horse is not easy; it tests your love and your patience. Roberson and her horse may have their moments where they do not get along, but after all the frustration, they make it all up in love and fun. 

“We are both stubborn and don’t take no for an answer, so it’s not always easy,” Roberson said, noting her biggest struggle with her horse.

Roberson says the thing she has the most fun doing with her horse is speed riding. She loves the adrenaline and pushing the limits with herself and her horse as well as trying new things.

“My favorite memory was winning our division A two-person relay with my friend Nadia racing the last time as seniors. Winning was really special to not only me but the entire equestrian team,” Robison said. 

Outside of riding, Roberson loves cheering with her team, cosmetology and hanging out with her friends as well as riding her horse.

She walks out of every challenge she faces as a champion, and she plans to continue to show in the future with her friend Naydia. She’s been showing since she was five years old and isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

The more organized Talena is before a show, the better she does in competitions. She is a fierce competitor in the ring, and even though she spends a lot of time cleaning and packing before every show, she says every moment is worth it.

“The early mornings are the worst, but they are always rewarding at end of the day because I spent time with my friends doing something I love,” Roberson said.