Creative Feature: “When the Clouds Parted”


Credit: @Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

Hannah Shooshanian 

Every so often, The Bleu Print likes to feature the work of CHS students. If you have a creative piece you would like to see in print, please email it to che[email protected]. This week, we feature the writing of Hannah Shooshanian (’23).

A note from the author:

My poetry is inspired by nature and sayings. The first time I wrote a poem was in the 8th grade, after reading a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, I realized I could write my feelings down in a way only I could understand. Poetry is very therapeutic for me. One thing I love about sharing and reading poetry is that everyone sees the poem differently. A poem never means the same thing, not even to me as a poet. I think it’s a beautiful thing that the mind and view changes my poems. 


When the Clouds Parted 


When the clouds parted 

Ripping a hole in the sky 

Allowing what was once vacant

Be consumed by the moons light 

The clouds tore a whole in the sky 

Allowing the dark world to be consumed 

With bright light 

The world was once filled with a deep abyss

So dark 

It had once been hard to tell if your eyes were


Or closed 

The clouds parted 

Bringing blinding light 

Our eyes had to adjust 

Light that shines through the darkness 

Like a bright beam of hope 

The shining light covered all that used to be black and unseen 

The light showed beauty 

When the clouds were sewed back into the sky 

And everything was dark again 

The lights fighting against the seems

And we were thrown back in the darkness 

Like a door or a window 

The clouds opened and closed 

The moon 

Is like a nightlight 

Big and bright

The light looms in the room of children 

Letting them know they are safe 

The stars are watching over them

Listening to their dreams 

Clouds made out of fear consume the sky

Thunder lightning 

Some once having a bad dream 

Clouds made out of dreams and memories 

Light and delicate 

Just like a child’s 



And soul 

Like a child’s 

Hopes and dreams 

As a child you are young and naïve

Children use to say clouds look like cotton  candy 

Cloud separating in the shy 

Ripping the sky 

Is like ripping cotton candy



Easy to tear 

The Clouds parted 

Leaving each other 

The Open sky is

Like a beautiful Barrier

The clouds like two lovers 


And longing for each other 

Clouds like lovers 

Consuming each other 

Becoming one

Their rage 

The love 

Their sadness 

Their feelings so light and fluffy 

Their feeling now tore up the sky 

dark and light 

Light and dark 

The clouds parted 

Tearing a whole in the sky 

With raging emotion 

Came light 

The clouds were so dark 

The clouds were so mad 

The clouds gray 

The clouds were so  sad 

The clouds grieved 

The clouds cried 

Rain  falling from the sky 

The moon dimmed 

While watching the sadness that filled the world 

The moon anchored in the sky 

The moon could not cry 

The moon could only watch then 

The moon could only love them 

The moon could not be with them 

The moon anchored to the sky 

Way up high 

The moon watched as the world slowly died 

The moon watch as so many took their lives 

The moon held their secrets 

Even after they had died

That sadly dimmed moon could not cry 

The stars that had once wanted to shine 

Bright above  the world

The stars now wanted to hide 

So secretly they asked the clouds to cover them 

To hide them from their grief 

The clouds still parted 

Ripping a whole in the sky 

The clouds parted 

Leaving the moon bare 

And naked 

Exposing the moon and all its weakness 

The moon didn’t want to be seen 

The stars wanted to fall from the sky 

Only the moon knew how they died 

Only the moon knew why they died 

Only the moon watched them die 

Bleeding out 

Their spirits lifting them to the sky 

The moon was stained red with their blood 

If only they knew how much the moon cared 

If only the moon could have helped 

If only the moon could have been their 

Instead the moon was left to watch from way up high 

The moon and stars 

Watching them 

Watching their dream 

The moon and stars in the sky 

Brought light 

The moon and stars watched everything 

Yet the moon and stars could not do nothing