Homework-Free Spring Break Proposed


The idea of a homework-free spring break for this school year is being debated right now. With recent findings about the high levels of stress students are under, administration has been trying to find ways to reduce the tension in the student body.

“I work a lot over spring break, so it’s hard to balance the homework and other things I need to do,” Sarah Gilbreath (‘20) said.

When students are asked how they would feel about no longer having homework over break, they all said with no hesitation how excited they’d be to have time to relax. Though, some of them regretfully say they do think it is helpful.

“Although I don’t enjoy homework over break, I think it is important that teachers assign it so students don’t totally forget the knowledge they learned before break,” Mya King (‘22) said. “A lot of my peers have come back after a long break with no memory of important concepts learned over break due to the lack of practice. It wastes school time when teachers have to re-teach lessons.”

Despite the time it may take to reteach lessons, some teachers think it would be worth having a less stressful break. Being able to take a mental break from work can increase students’ productivity when they get back because they have had time to relax.

“When students have a break, they’re always going to have to come back and refresh,” Ms. Laura Lutz said. “That’s just part of the deal.”

Once students come back to school, their minds are a clean slate and ready to learn again. Not only can students benefit though, but teachers do as well.

“On the other side of it is if we collectively agree that we’re not going to give any assignments out, then also from a teacher’s perspective it really helps.” Principal Micheal Kapolka said. “Staff then won’t be worried about having 120 different assignments that are due.”