Chelsea Succeeds At Solo & Ensemble


Chelsea Mason, Bleu Print Staff

This past weekend Chelsea was one of 16 different districts to participate in Michigan’s Solo and Ensemble—a music competition in which musicians compete against each other and themselves in full group and individual settings. 

Solo & Ensemble is one of the most important events the Chelsea Band and Orchestra participates in. This event takes place yearly on February 8th for Choir and February 1st for Band and Orchestra. The students start preparing for Solo Ensemble in December and work in their groups during class and also practice at home to perfect their part. With less than a month away, students give their all to get their song organized and together. 

“So I do find it easier working in a small group consisting of two to four people,” Maya Nye (‘22) said. “I think working as a smaller group could be a lot easier to get stuff done, but a large group is easier for harmonizing.” 

Nye got to experience how helpful it is to be in Solo Ensemble. For students going back, they get to see if there has been group improvement and if they can improve their individual scores. 

“It depends on what group you are in, because last year I had a large group and we didn’t do as well so it was really stressful,” Katelyn Hackett (‘22) said. “I think usually the performance is easy and it’s not so stressful because they really just want to help you out. The judges are just there to help you out. They try to help you afterwards and they give you tips and pointers so you know how to improve.”

Each student who participates will get the advice needed. For band and choir, each performance tests their skills and how well they can perform with their group. 

“I feel it’s easier to be in a big group because you aren’t noticed so badly as an individual,” Alexis Brewer (‘22) said. I feel the hardest thing about solo and ensemble is if you’re in other extracurriculars or play several instruments, practice time is limited.”

The journey leading up to Solo Ensemble, and then the actual performance is something everyone can be nervous about but the performance is the best part of all and very rewarding.

“You get to meet just a bunch of people there and it’s really fun because I did a trio last year and we got a high score,” Hackett said. “It was really fun to finally get our work appreciated.”