Co.C Returns For 2020


This year, Company C will be operating under new leadership, but the magic will remain. 

“The impact that our music can have on people is truly remarkable,” Lily Maynard (‘20) said. “It was really wonderful to see what we could actually do and what a group of teenagers can do if they put their minds together for the impact of music.”

A change in Directors can be scary but the Company C members are embracing the change.

“Mr. Stacy and Ms. Falk are the directors this year, and they’re being assisted by Mrs Mitchell, who was helping out with choir last year,”  Caley Plank (‘22) said. “They are all really fun to work with and they are doing a fantastic job.”

There are always different themes each year that have a different message. This year’s theme is ‘Look to the past.’

“The reason why we change themes each year, is that we don’t want to be repetitive,” Naomi Rose (‘22) said. “The directors are in charge of picking what theme and what songs will go with it”

Each year Company C puts on Auditions in the fall which can be very stressful but rewarding. 

“I would say that it is a wonderful thing to do, it is life changing, the connections you make continue on for a very long time,” Maynard said.“The impact of music helps you connect in other ways that a lot of activities doesn’t allow for.”

The directors aren’t just looking for a phenomenal voice or fancy footwork. 

“I would say, when you go in there, even if you’re not a dancer, even if you’re not a singer let your personality come out and really show them that you’re going to work really hard and you’re going to light up the stage,” Plank said. “We always want those kinds of people in the performance.”

Company C is always looking for people to help expand their performances. 

“Don’t be nervous at all, the directors are super nice,” Rose said, “If you don’t get in the first time, try out the next!”