Creative Feature: Amelia Hallsell


Rachel Geer, Bleu Print Staff

When Amelia Hallsell (‘23) writes, she paints pictures using both familiar and elusive emotions.

Hallsell says she writes about “life, the people around me, and how people make me feel.”   

Hallsell pays attention to her surroundings often. She observes the people and things that surround her, and draws inspiration from them. Her creativity comes from ordinary sources, but her poetry is very unique.  

“I don’t write like anyone else,” Hallsell states proudly. 

Her writing style is very special to her. She says that in her poetry, she describes how she feels using things that only she really understands.

Hallsell states, “I mostly write poems about actually how I feel.” 

When asked why she writes, she answers promptly, “for a stress reliever, it’s very helpful.” She also says that the location she writes in can influence her writing process and ideas. 

“I let the words fall out, and go from there,” Hallsell says, explaining her writing style, “I’m more emotional at night and it’s easier to get the words out.”

Hallsell is full of advice for anyone who wants it. She suggests that anyone who like to write keep trying and find a time and place where they write the best. She would suggest that every student writes in order to have a place to record their feelings.


by Amelia

a question asked

by oh so many

sometimes they think

it’s beyond their reach

just for once in their life

the answer they need

or will it stay unknown

like the secrets we tend to keep

just like all things

the answer is there 

just hidden somewhere

we are all unaware