#WhyYouMatter Kicks Off Its 2020 Campaign

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The fourth installment of the Why You Matter campaign is coming to CHS, and this time, it’s bigger than ever. The Why You Matter campaign is an opportunity to give students a voice and to let them know that they are loved.  

Why You Matter helps support students and allows the Chelsea community to find ways to grow, be strong, and remind students that they are valued. All students have a place in Chelsea community. Why You Matter provides students an opportunity to understand each other and develop kindness with one another as well. 

This year, CHS is working with the Washtenaw County Department of Mental Health and the University of Michigan Depression Center. 

“We’re following with the county’s mental health campaign called #WISHYOUKNEW,” Why You Matter founder Laura Naar said. 

A speaker series will take place this upcoming Thursday, January 16th. The day after, students will have an activity in class involving writing and reflection about what they wish others knew about them on a postcard. These postcards will contribute to a huge community-wide project involving Beach Middle School, North Creek Elementary School, and South Meadows.

“I think if it makes somebody’s day better, even by just a little bit, I think that’s a success,” Counselor Jason Murphy said.

Many people consider the Why You Matter campaign successful because it ultimately gives CHS a chance to look out for each other. If someone sees somebody else struggling and in need of help, students and staff will make sure to go out of their way to wrap arms around them and give them whatever they need to be happy again. A main goal of Why You Matter is to foster a sense of community at CHS.

“If we’re struggling and not taking care of ourselves, those little problems eventually become big problems,” Murphy said.

“I think as a school It’s really nice to just take a break and just take care of what we need to take care of.”