P2P Group Addresses Mental Health Concerns


We are surrounded by our peers every day, but how do we help or receive help from them? The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) program at CHS aims to promote a healthy relationship between classmates and break down social barriers and mental health stigmas.

The P2P program is a collaboration with the University of Michigan that provides awareness and support surrounding mental health. Students in the building who are directly part of the program have been trained to direct others to mental health resources when needed. This peer-to-peer connection helps to “reduce stigma, raise awareness, [and] encourage help-seeking when needed” (University of Michigan). 

Jason Murphy, the guidance department head at CHS, said P2P was started in Chelsea schools “as the need for mental health resources and support continued to grow.” By incorporating the P2P program into the school’s environment, students are able to easily seek out the necessary help. The increased awareness for mental health issues through the P2P program encourages a more supportive and safe atmosphere for all CHS students.

The P2P program has initiated its impact on the school with posters and informational sheets about the mental health resources that are available. Students can also ask P2P members about different places they can go for help.

Looking forward, Jason Murphy says, “the P2P team members are working closely with our #WHYYOUMATTER team for this year’s assembly and campaign scheduled for January.” This collaboration will strive to involve kids in various outlets and enable them to handle stress and mental health issues in a positive way. 

As the school year proceeds, students will likely face more academic stress and social issues. However, student peers in blue P2P shirts will be available to help.