CHS Students Receive Two Full Days For Exams

Chelsea High School Students will receive two full days for exams this year after the recent cancellation of freshman exams.

Many students are wondering what sparked this idea for two full days. Principal Michael Kapolka shared what the sudden change was for. “The last time we did this was eight years ago,” Kapolka said. “It all depends on the calendar and how it works out, this term it happened to work out. This schedule gives students an equal 120 minutes for every exam, both days.’’

Typically, there would be three 90-minute exams on day one of the exams and two 120-minute exams on day two. For this trimester, however, all exams will be 120 minutes long and will be given over two days instead of one and a half. This new schedule provides students with equal exam windows and gives them more time to take exams which may help with stress around testing. Students will also have forty to forty-five minutes of lunch meaning more time to eat, relax, and socialize. 

“We plan on doing this in future years,” Kapolka said. “It will become a common thing if this schedule works.” 

The main goal of this new schedule is to destress students by giving them more test-taking time and creating a balance of socialization and testing time during the day. It is likely that this exam schedule will be implemented again in the future.