Creative Feature: Hannah Shooshanian


Each week, Bleu Print will feature a creative writing piece written by a CHS student. This weekly series is open to all CHS students who want to share their creative writing. Check back Wednesdays for the next installment in the series. 

Your Tree Knows The Truth

by Hannah Shooshanian, CHS Freshman


Her lips 

 Petal soft and sweet 

Her truth 

 Calls to me 

His is what they call organic truth 


Pure to the roots 

 Her trust is Delicate

Like a flower 

 The light in other 

For her to devour 

 Her thorns sharp 

Underneath lies something 



  Completely wild 

Her truth spreads out 

 Like the limbs 

Of that ancient oak tree 

 Her bark 

Thick and drown 

 Her beauty 


 Her calls 




Just a sprouting 

 Not even a 


 So young 

So free 

 Her leaves 

They gleam 

 So sweet 

So free 

 Her truth an 

Untouchable thing 

 Her words full of 

  That special thing 

That organic truth 

 That honest tree 

She speaks 


Her words 


Ring true

 For she speaks


 She who had been 

Lied to 

She who did not know 

 What was true 

You had lied to her 


After everything 

 You had done 

After everything 

You had said 

She had faith 

 She believed in you 

She gave you something 

 You had never given her 

She gifted you

 The truth 

 Her listening ears 

And what did you do 

 What did you give her?

This is who I am 

 This is my organic truth 

True to the roots 

 Do you hear me? 

Do you see me?

 Climb the long limbs of my 

Ancient oak tree 

 My branches will hold you 

In a way, he never could 

 I will listen to you 

In a way, he never would 

 Tell me 

What you see

 Tell me what you think 

Tell me how you feel 

 Show me your Reality 

I will listen to your truths 

 I will listen to your lies 

Sing like bird 

 Nestled in my tree

Let me give you something 

 That no one could ever be

Let me be more than just a bad memory 

 I want to be something sturdy

 The weeds will spread their poisons

You must dig them up 

 Kill them at the roots 

 Don’t let whatever they did to you 

Have power over you 

 You are a beautiful flower ready to Bloom 

I will nurture you 

 and perfect you

I will be the morning sun 

 That holds you in warmth 

And feeds you 

 I will be the moon

Way up in the sky 

 So when you wake up in the night 

You will see the light 

 And know that everything is alright

Deep in your heart 

 Rooted, there is a tree 

It can not die when there is so much life 

 You are alive 

Your tree does not lie

 Your tree knows the truth 

Embedded in your roots 

Lies the organic truth