Bulldog of the Week: Kenna Rettig


Each week, Bleu Print will feature one Bulldog from our community in a series called “Bulldog of the Week.” Check back on Mondays for the next installment in the series.

Kenna Rettig (’20) is the type of person that many strive to be and everyone strives to be around: someone who deliberately spreads positivity around her and has a set plan for this academic school year to achieve improvement.

“I hope I do better than I did the past three years so I can get on a better track,” Rettig said. “I plan on going to college.”

Kenna is the type of person who always has a smile despite setbacks in life, and she  tries to spread her positive energy to those around her.

“Usually, when people come to me for help, it’s for mental health or just a random personal problem in their life,” Rettig said. “I  like to help people with whatever they need, like homework or job and college applications.”

Kenna is a friend and companion to many, especially amidst the anxiety and chaos of senior year. Kenna is also dedicated to using her time to positively influence others.

“It doesn’t mean that what I say will be right all the time, though,” she said. “As long as you’re happy and not hurting yourself or others, I believe you’re using your time productively. I’m determined to make others happy.” 

She isn’t just passionate about other people, however. She spends lots of time advocating for environmental and animal protection, hoping to spread awareness and make a difference. This past summer, Kenna, with the help of her mother, managed to save an orphaned baby squirrel and protect it from harmful weather, predators, and helped the animal when it was unable to provide for itself.

“I wish more people cared about animals and the environment,” she said. “We all should really care more in general. “Things go on around the world, and people seem not to care or know the information. I think we all can do better.”