Proposed Bond Would Generate $81 Million to Improve Schools


Isabella Treglia, School News Editor

A bond of $81,000,000 to improve the Chelsea school district will be voted on by the Chelsea community on November 5th.

The bonds would provide upgrades for each school along with Pierce Lake, Washington Street Education Center (WSEC) and the Transportation Center. The bonds would come over the course of three series: series 1 (2020) would be $31,000,000, series 2 (2022) would be $25,000,000 and series 3 (2025) would be $25,000,000.

“We have a lot of information out there,” Michelle Cowhy, the school district’s chief financial officer, said regarding how informed voters are. “There’s a website with just a wealth of knowledge on it.”

The school district is hopeful that the bonds will pass. They think because it will not increase current tax rates, voters will be more inclined to vote for it.

At the high school, the plan is to remodel the media center, small group learning spaces, the auditorium and the weight room.

“I think it’s great that we’re trying to get this bond passed to help future generations in Chelsea,” Emilee Underwood (‘23) said.

Other building improvements will include: select classroom remodeling, HVAC upgrades including mechanical and electrical equipment, interior upgrades to floor and ceiling finishes, replace select classroom furniture and roof replacement at all buildings.

Some technological improvements will be: technology infrastructure upgrades, student devices (computers, laptops, tablets), instructional technology (projectors, A/V equipment), PA system upgrades and phone system upgrades.

Renovations will be taking place at Pierce Lake with hope that within the next 15 years there will be enough enrollment to reopen the school. 

“I think, from the limited knowledge I have, that it will be beneficial for the school district because you can’t go wrong with more funding,” Josh Champagne (‘20) said.