Bomb Threat Reported and Found “Not Credible”


Maddie Rosentreter and Ben Zivsak

School has been canceled for October 2nd after a note indicating a bomb threat was found in a restroom yesterday. A member of the CHS custodial staff discovered the note around 5:45 pm, and it was immediately reported to the Chelsea Police Department, who were dispatched to the school along with a Michigan State Police K-9 unit.

Later in the evening law enforcement searched the building and verified that the building was secure. According to Superintendent Dr. Julie Helber, the threat was found to be not credible, but for student safety and the timing of the event, classes were called off for the high school.

In a second email sent out to CHS students and families, Dr. Helber announced that school will be back in session on October 3rd, emphasizing again that the threat was deemed illegitimate and school was called off only as a precautionary measure.

“Your child’s safety is paramount to our daily mission and we will always err on the side of caution when making district-level decisions,” she wrote.

There were concerns about October 2nd being Count Day. Because of the circumstances, the District received a waiver for the school to reschedule it to October 3rd. Dr. Helber stressed that Count Day was not taken into consideration when deciding to cancel the school day.

“We will always prioritize student safety above scheduled days such as count day,” she said in her email.

The investigation by the Chelsea Police Department will continue, and students with information are encouraged to come forward to the administration or the police.

This is an ongoing story. Bleu Print will update with more information as it becomes available.