All the Information You Need for General Elections


Student Council’s General Elections, which determine representatives for each class, will be held later this week on Thursday, May 9th.

“We changed the format last year to reflect the needs of our Council,” Council Adviser Adam Schilt said. “We hold executive elections first so that great leaders who don’t win those elections can still run for class representative positions.”

Thursday’s Executive Election will determine who will serve as the predominant leaders of the student body next year, including Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Secretary, and Student Body treasurer, along with presidents of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes.

“It’s important to really consider who earns your vote for these positions,” Schilt said.

That’s because Council is setting lofty goals for 2019-20, after a year of shaking things up with milestone decisions like restructuring homecoming traditions and holding CHS’s first Mini-VictorThon fundraiser.

Platforms of the candidates for General Elections are linked below.

The Candidates

Click on the links provided to see platforms for each candidate. Candidates were asked to provide information about their vision for Council and CHS, along with their leadership experience and skills. All students will vote for student body officer positions, and classes will vote for their presidents.

Senior Class Representatives

Owen Fahle

Madison Brodeur

Daniel Golding

Myranda Montoye

Emily Chizek

Paulina Perkins

Thomas Kennings

Morgan DeYoe

Jaron Iannelli

Aidan Delwiche

Cannon Barney

Zachary Dosey

Aleksa Skiotys

Leah Burgess

Jaylen Watson

Reece Doss

Kyra Van Batavia

Junior Class Representatives

Evan Eidt

Adam Bahri

Jordan Fansler

Rachel Bareis

Robert Stump

Andrea Kowalski

April Montoye

Sierra Martinez-Kratz

Peggy Smith

Sophomore Class Representatives

Evan Sing

Sophie Mitchell

Lily June

Kate Gaiser

Parker Olk

Kendall Spink

Forrest Gorby

Jessica Neff

Stella Moore

Isobel Alford

Nina Faupel

Mya King

Clinton Nichols

Klara Kuebler

Sage Barney

Erin Dusenbury