What Getting Involved Can Do For Students


Bennett Proegler

Madilynn O’Hara performing in Winter Showcase

I joined theatre on a dare. Freshman year, my friend made a passing comment about auditions for the One Act play Moments of Impact that were coming up. Absentmindedly, my shy, introverted self said that it would be fun to audition. My friend scoffed and said, “Yeah Madilynn, I’d like to see you try and audition.”

Audition I did, and four years later, here I am.

I’ve played a nurse (my first role in high school as a part of Moments of Impact), a dance choreographer, a high school shooting victim, a reprised role from a famous gothic TV show in the 60s, a best friend, a bumbling pirate, a Greek muse, a small town girl with Broadway dreams, a teenager who hates her siblings, a famous actor playing Hamlet, a mother, and now I’m a murder suspect/board game character. I’ve played members of the ensemble, supporting roles, and leads. I became the props mistress, joined the board as an officer, and am currently the Theatre Guild President.

My four years of theatre, all stemming from one incredulous comment from a friend, have given me some of the best opportunities. Theatre taught me how to speak up, both literally and figuratively. Not only can I make my voice known in every room thanks to a strengthened diaphragm after years of projecting, but being a part of one of the lesser known clubs means that I need to speak up for the needs of myself and my guild. I used to fear singing in public, but last year I was forced overcome my fears, and this year, I was the lead in the musical. I met some of my closest friends through theatre and have had to interact with all different types of people, a skill that everyone could use. This past year, I auditioned for various theatre programs across the nation and was offered scholarships to colleges. All of these things stemmed from getting involved with a club I never really thought I’d join.

I owe the person I am today to theatre. I found my passion, and it led me to four years of self-growth. I encourage everyone to find their own passion and explore it. Maybe theatre isn’t you scene, but you like writing—join yearbook and Bleu Print. Maybe you like helping others—join Key Club or Interact. Maybe you like music—join the musical’s pit, CHO, jazz band, or Company C. Maybe you like building—join robotics or tech. There are so many clubs and opportunities waiting to be discovered by you at this school. Get involved and see which ones are right for you.