Down With the King: The New Winter Carnival Award


Madilynn O'Hara

Student Council in progress

For many years CHS has had a Winter Carnival King, but after the change to the Homecoming Queen Award, CHS awaits what the new award for Winter Carnival will be.

For Homecoming, the Chelsea Excellence Award was introduced. The goal of the award was to give it to one student in each grade who exemplified what a CHS student should be: hardworking, smart, and kind. For the Winter Carnival award, Student Council is taking an entirely new direction.

Council is asking each grade to nominate one Champion for each grade who will fight for points in a competition of school spirit. The Champions, who were announced February 3rd, are freshman Mya King, sophomore Adam Bahri, junior Morgan Deyoe, and senior Jacob Smedshammer.

During this week, the Champions will go all out in their Spirit Week wear in hopes of outdoing each other. They will also compete in the Pep Rally against each other. Whoever turns out the best, most over-the-top outfits will be the winner and will not only earn his or her grade points in the grade competition, but also a $100 VISA gift card.

The change is bringing less friction in the student body than the Chelsea Excellence Award.

“I think it’s kind of cool how they’re now adapting to how people are these days, because people are thinking they need to be something instead of themselves to win an award,” said freshman Henry Lantis.