New Physics and Chemistry Teacher Welcomed by CHS


A new science teacher has just been hired at CHS. Ms. Helberg will be teaching the first trimester of Chemistry and Conceptual Physics. Her first day was on Monday, October 22. Students in her class are very excited for a permanent teacher to be hired for this coming school year and for years to come.

Helberg says that she is always ready to answer students questions in the morning or whenever she is available. “[Students] can definitely come to me during lunch,” she told The Bleu Print. “I know that’s kind of restricting because not everyone has A Lunch, and that can be kind of tough. But they can always come before school and they can pop in and see me.”

Helberg’s desire to be accessible and approachable to students stems from her love of her job.“I’ve worked a lot of different jobs during my life, but I’ve never had a job where I look at the clock and wished that there were more time before it was time to go,” she said, her eyes glowing. “There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And from the minute I started [teaching] high school, I knew I was going to go into science in some capacity. I love it so much.”

Helberg said she would describe her teaching style as “passionate and very energetic.” Her main concern is to create a classroom environment where students feel comfortable and ready to learn. She also believes in establishing positive routines that students can look forward to.

“I give out tickets to students and we do raffles on Fridays, every Wednesday we watch a two-to-three-minute clip of the Big Bang Theory because it’s nerdy but it’s funny,” she said. “So we watch that just to get students excited about how being a science nerd is a good thing, and that it’s a compliment if someone calls you that.”

Helberg talks about all of this with a smile on her face. She’s excited to be working with high school students, and she works her hardest to make her class one of the best parts of their day.

Her students love her positivity and energy. “I enjoy her lessons because she brings a humorous part to her teaching,” physics student Alex Lewis said. “She teaches in an an entertaining and understanding way by incorporating the whole class in participation.”

Not only does she have fun in class, but Helberg does her best to inspire students who want to learn more about physics and chemistry. When asked what advice she would give to students aspiring to be teachers she said, “Do it. The subjects that you legitimately love and know are what’s going to be challenging. But it’s going to be so worth it. There will never be a day that you go to work and feel like you didn’t accomplish something or didn’t do something positive for someone else.”

Helberg hopes that the passion and energy she brings to her job every day will make students feel as excited about science as she is.