Top Ten Must-See Halloween Movies For This Spooky Season

With Halloween coming up, loads of horror and spooky movies come back on the air for their annual viewings. For people who prefer staying inside instead of trick-or-treating, or people who just love getting into the Halloween spirit, we’ve compiled a list of the best horror movies and TV shows ever made.


1) Trick ‘R Treat 2009

In this hilarious and horror filled film, you won’t get bored.  It has tons of twist and multiple stories tied together in one plot. After you watch this you’re going to want to be careful when you eat your candy.




2) Twilight Zone 1959-1964

This classic TV series features all kinds of thriller, suspense, and science 

fiction perfect for every spooky Halloween night. If you need more fear than just a couple of hours this series is for you.



3) The Shining 1980

The supernatural mixed with a dose of crazy murderer makes for a great movie and wants to make you turn on the lights and cuddle up in bed with your bowl of popcorn.





4) Halloween (franchise: 1978-2018)

Eleven movies in this franchise tell just how much the audience loved this series of 

Michael Myers and his serial killer ambitions. Personally, the original Halloween is the best one in the series, but this latest movie isn’t too bad either.



5) Saw (franchise 2004-2017)

With Jigsaw’s crazy games, his puzzles to torture many people grasp many viewers, allowing this franchise to continue for eight movies.




6) Halloweentown 1998

A throwback to the overplayed Disney classic that kids still watch even today, with its 

thrilling plot and setting dragging them in. A great sense of nostalgia can be felt rewatching this and is overall hilarious.




7) The Addams Family 1991

A hilarious and spooky movie with a hint of drama makes for a great plot as the family fights of a con artist.




8) GhostbustersImage result for ghostbusters

Who else are you going to call besides the Ghostbusters?… to rid of your boredom with their supernatural adventure through fighting evil in New York.






9) The Babadook

This will probably be the last time you pick up a book on the ground for a long time after this creature terrifies this poor widow and son.





10) Supernatural

Even if this is just a TV series, it still has that supernatural element that is perfect for Halloween and can be binged endlessly.






Although there is only so much space to add in good movies and series, there are many more to pick and choose from. Just go on Netflix or Disney channel for great classics.