Moving Down Day


In the past, underclassmen would spend the first part of the Friday before Memorial Day weekend walking through their first trimester of next year. The second half would be awards with performances from CHO, Jazz Band, choir, etc. A lot of people would have messed up schedules, ones that made them go to the wrong class. The counselors needed to schedule all underclassmen before that Friday and it just was not enough time. This year, CHS is trying something new: seniors still have their Senior Skip Day, but 9-11 graders go to their regular classes on an assembly schedule and 8th graders come to CHS and “move up.” The awards are shortened–with less of the sitting in the auditorium seats and clapping. I see this change as disheartening. I understand why this is necessary–counselors need extra time for scheduling and perfecting people’s wants–but I am annoyed. I put a lot of thought and effort into my schedule, and I want to see my classes. I haven’t had a messed up schedule for moving up day, so why wouldn’t I be able to be a senior for that one day? I am always hoping for a schedule that I like, and there is a huge bonus if cute boys are in that class with me. I heard we will get our schedules before the last day, but I can always feel the anticipation of next year’s classes that Thursday. On the other hand, we will go to our regular classes, but with shortened hours.


That means missing those shortened hours counts against our attendance record for that 2% extra credit bonus. My family always leaves early that Friday for vacation. If I’m coming back very early on Monday to march in the Memorial Day Parade, I need to leave as early as possible on Friday. I will be missing the new and improved awards and class time to leave early. If I can’t compromise with my mother, I may have to miss Friday altogether. Family is important, but I am missing a day of classes. I know missing a day can be stressful.


Overall, this new change is leaving me on the edge of my seat. I don’t know if this new plan is going to be a success or a terrible disaster, but I hear mixed opinions on this matter. One person said she is relieved she won’t be assigned AP homework over the summer. People don’t usually like change, but sometimes it will be for the better. I hope this works–even though it stresses me out and counts against my attendance record. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t go well, it is my last moving up day, after all.