January Joy


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January 2018 calendar

What does January have going for it? We’ve all asked ourselves this before–admit it. After New Year’s, the first month of the new year just kind of . . . exists. The religious holidays have passed and, after a few days in, we’re back at school. We don’t even have something like a winter solstice this month. January is just January, the month between winter break and Valentine’s Day.

But, with free time on your hands, there’s actually a lot you can do! We compiled a list straight from our bored minds to yours to make the in-between month a little more bearable.

  1. New Music

Free time, or even just time dedicated to homework can be a really good time to get into something new, especially when it comes to music. Some big albums that are coming out/have come out this month are Vale by Black Veil Brides, Camila by Camila Cabello, MANIA by Fall Out Boy, Defy by Of Mice & Men and Entertainment by Waterparks. Other good bands and artists to look into, even though they haven’t released this month, are Owl City, Halestorm, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, or Ed Sheeran.

  1.   A Hobby

Turn your boredom into an actual skill, and you might actually like it. Try cooking something you haven’t before, try writing, try an instrument, try singing, try drawing, try stargazing, try anything you can get your hands on. Creativity isn’t easily forced, but practice leads to something, and something can lead to big things.

  1.    Learn About Others

Take the time to talk to people and to learn about things that don’t come from page 394 in a textbook thrown on your desk. Learn about people and the actual world around you. Educate yourself about things that confuse you, try to understand how different people think and why. It can help a lot of people if even just one person takes the time out of their lives to educate themselves on a topic or idea that they thought no one would understand.

  1.    Go Outside

Make a snowball, and if tactical ice wars aren’t for you, just make a snow angel. Considering how warm it’s been lately, jumping in puddles and trying to skip rocks in the flood of your backyard is probably more realistic, but just going outside and looking around for a bit can help stop complete boredom.

  1.     Read The Bleu Print

Reading can really go in the hobby section, so, honestly, this is shameless self-promotion.

  1.     And, If All Else Fails, The Internet Is Great

There are hundreds of websites in the internet made for exactly times when you have a month of free time to kill. Try boredbutton.com or theuselessweb.com to sort out your holiday-less January.

We hope these tips help you during this somewhat dreary month, and just know that being productive and not wasting your time with silly things is also a good way to make time fly.