The Rumor is True

Ava Mater , Bleu Print Staff

There has been a rumor circulating around Chelsea that a movie is going to be shot in this unique town. Well, the rumor is officially true, as the Chelsea Update just confirmed it.  

The article states that: “Grand River Production is planning to film Guest Artist” in Chelsea with filming starting this week of December 11th, 2017. The cast and crew will be filming on Jackson Street on December 13th-15th, as well as on December 17th-23rd, from 5pm to 7am. The filming is set to take place in the Train Depot. There will also be some shots outside Cleary’s Pub and Pointe in Sylvan Township.

“This is actually not the first movie with scenes from our beloved little town,” the Chelsea Update explains. Scenes from Betty Anne Waters were shot on Garfield Street in 2009, making Guest Artist the second movie filmed in Chelsea in the last eight years.

However, this movie take in the fictional town of “Lima” and not Chelsea, but the city will still be given credit. The producers chose Chelsea because it has the feel of It’s a Wonderful Life, making it a perfect fit for Guest Artist.