Art Spotlight: Monster Mash Up


This month’s Art Spotlight is a little different, as instead of looking at one work of art, we will look at a certain project taking place right here at CHS that many may or may not know about.

The art department, beginning last year in 2016, started a project called “Monster Mash Up.” Monster Mash Up is a great way for Chelsea students off all ages to come together, and the project occurs about two-three times per year depending on the amount of ceramics classes offered here at the high school.

Here is how it works: Geo picks a class from North Creek–with the goal being to select every class within that grade, so that by the end of the school year, each child will have their own ceramic to take home–and each student in that particular class has to create a two-dimensional monster; it is the job of a high school student to make his or her drawing come to life by creating a ceramic version of the drawn creature. With the project, one does not have to necessary follow the rules–rather, follow a specific guideline in which to make a ceramic. The students in Geo’s class can interpret what the younger child drew. It does not have to be a perfect replica, and that is the beauty in this project; students can create something as close to what the child dreamed up as possible, without feeling the pressure that it has to be as grand as they can make it. The kids are fairly excitable and will appreciate what they are given.  












This project is a favorite of many that the art department has put in motion. It is a perfect way for high schoolers to connect with the little ones, thus a way to shorten the age gap between these vastly different grades. Not only so, but every monster that has been made has been very successful. When one of the second grader gets his or her monsters, you can see his or her face light up with excitement paired with a big smile. Monster Mash Up is a constant reminder of what the power of giving does for all.