Student Spotlight: Surel Shines Bright


Claire Kelly , A&E Editor

Ballet Chelsea is and has been an integral part of our community, enriching us all in a way not many even truly appreciate. Alas it would be nothing without the dedication of its many members. One of Ballet Chelsea’s most hardcore veterans is Josie Surel, a senior that can always be seen with a bright disposition–even when working with the stress of her many difficult AP classes. Over the course of fourteen years, she has been working on her dancing craft, yet before the recent showing of the Nutcracker she admitted that she felt like she was slightly dreading it. “I was really sick, and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to perform very well. Usually for performances I’m really excited and also nervous, because I love performing. But I also want it to be good, and I tend to doubt my talents as a dancer quite a lot.” This weekend as Surel performed with fierce grace in her role as the Rat Queen, it is safe to say that these doubts in her recent work were not a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Outside of the dancing world, however, Surel has a deep passion for literature. This year, she remained her go-getting self, and is currently enjoying her AP Literature class. When asked what her favorite book was, she responded with what many passionate English lovers would say: “That is an evil question!” She laughed, then furrowed her brows with contemplation. “If I had to say, it would be Little Women; that’s my number one favorite.” Outside of her love of classics, Josie also tends to gravitate towards the genre of fantasy as a playground for her mind after a hard days work. Despite this young lady’s long list of achievements, you wouldn’t know it at a first time greeting. Her humble and approachable nature doesn’t scream aloof overachiever, but down to earth individual. Hard work ethic is one of Surel’s main attributes, and love for literature gives her room to relax.

However, when she gets back to the grind she works with purpose.

“I still need to work on my Princeton application!” This, when it comes to Josie, is slacking.