Ballet Chelsea Wows With Nutcracker


Seniors Stephanie Dehoorne and Josie Surel–this issue’s Student Spotlight.

Claire Kelly , A&E Editor

The showing of the Nutcracker in the city of Chelsea is similar to the first falling of snow on its narrow streets. It creates a time for its residents to remember fond memories, and to acknowledge the revelation that the holiday season is here once again. Citizens came together to share the nostalgic experience for its 20th anniversary en masse; each showing for this year’s experience sold out. The beginning of the show started smoothly with the audiobook worthy voice of Nigel Thompson as he guided the audience through the timeless story of Marie. He was accompanied by two young presenters as well–two very cute little girls that made the audience smile at their sweet nods of agreement with the narrator’s story. The beginning depicted the jolly family gathering at Christmas time, stirring deeper feelings of nostalgia in its viewers. Not only so, but many were impressed with the dancers as well as the story, noticing in particular the mechanical precision of the toy soldiers’ movements, as performed by Emma Bentley, Carly O’Neill and other talented young. As the show moved on to Act Two, the audience was transported to the whimsical Snowflake forest, transfixed with the graceful movements of the performers, Libby Shane and Kathryne Rojeck leading as snow queen, as well as the gentle descent of the snowflake special effects. Josie Surel commanded her role as Rat Queen in a fiercely elegant manner, and fellow senior Stephanie Dehoorne captured the audience with her Grand Pas de Duex. Overall, the dedication each dancer contributes was conveyed through the quality of this year’s Nutcracker, making it another smashing success in Ballet Chelsea’s history.