My Hairy Legs Can Help


Every year, thousands of men participate in a month-long event labeled “No Shave November.” In “Movember”–another name by which this event is called–men who participate are not allowed to shave their facial hair for the whole month, with the intent being to raise awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer. With Movember nearing its last couple of weeks, it makes me wonder why women don’t participate in something similar.

Women do have a lot of opportunities to raise awareness for various issues, both of the health and social variety, within the world today; there are marches, rallies, and numerous events that take place to help and praise women. We have the whole month of October to raise awareness for breast cancer, but a pink ribbon along with the word “hope” is all that people really think about when they have the cause in their minds–it really is not quite like anything that occurs for No Shave November. Most people are often unaware that October is breast cancer awareness month, but ask someone about Movember and all know what you mean.

For the month of October, you will probably see a woman wearing a pink shirt, or perhaps a school activity held in order to raise awareness for a worthy cause. Although women do take steps to bring attention to breast cancer, it’s not as noticeable as a man not shaving for a month (mostly because by the end of it he looks like a caveman). What if women didn’t shave their legs for a whole month so that we too can support those with cancer and fight the good fight? Wouldn’t that be viewed as being “unkempt” by men? My hairy legs have the potential to save a life too, you know. There is no difference between a hairy face and a pair of hairy legs, but somehow women would get judged if we were to start doing that. When men don’t shave for a whole month they are helping society and no one considers that as being messy or gross. To me, that seems unjust: women should too be able to raise awareness to a cause just as important–without fear of judgement. I would like to challenge all women to not shave our legs in October of 2018, as well as challenge society to leave us alone when we do so. Ladies, please don’t underestimate the power of your hairy legs.